l a r r y n o r d w i c k


one of the finest wedding photographers in california...


Larry photographed his first wedding at the age of 16. Little did he know that would start him on a career spanning 1100 weddings, the equivalent of going to a wedding every week for 21 straight years!


Along the way Larry became one of the most awarded wedding photographers in California. Five times Larry was awarded the wedding album of the year by the Professional Photographers of California.


He was one of the youngest photographers to ever earn the degree of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America. This is a degree only earned on the merits of your work as judged by panels of Master Photographers.


He was fortunate enough to learn from the likes of Master Photographer Ken Cook and international icon Ansel Adams.


Larry has worked at almost every wedding venue in Monterey , Carmel & Carmel Valley. Having photographed over 400 weddings at Carmel Mission, we venture to guess no other Carmel wedding photographer can come close to this body of work. Our clients have taken Larry to many other amazing venues throughout California over the years.


Larry brings a terrific sense of humor to a wedding and boundless energy . His work is a fusion of the photojournalistic style of today with a dedication to creating beautiful images.


Larry is a lifelong resident of Monterey County and has operated Creative Images Photography in downtown Monterey for over 30 years.




"I have been at this a long time and I still love what I do. I get to meet people and record the most amazing times of their lives and have a lot of fun in the process. I am more passionate then ever to create new and different images with all the new technology at my disposal. It has been a joy to photograph so many thousands of the people that make up our special community on the Monterey Peninsula. I have spent my career trying to produce images that not only make my clients happy but exceed their expectations. Our typical client is looking for something a little more special then the average photographer can give them. I wish you all the best in your wedding planning and hope to meet you soon."





Larry Nordwick M. Photog, PPA , FPPC